XRackPro2 12U Studio Rack

Noise Reduction Rackmount Enclosure Cabinet Details

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The GizMac Accessories Studio Rack is a reduced depth version of the XRackPro2 server rack. At almost 10 inches less exterior depth, the Studio Rack has all the same features of the original XRackPro2, but with a smaller footprint. As with the deeper GizMac racks, the XRackPro2 Studio Rack provides the unique features of noise reduction, air filtration, security, and mobility .

Using the industry standard 19 inch (48.2 cm) wide rackmount spacing, the XRackPro2 Studio Rack is an ideal cabinet for audio, video, computer, network and other equipment. An adjustable 4 post mounting system inside the XRackPro2 Studio Rack can be configured for individual needs. The 4 post system of the Studio Rack adjusts to mount equipment as deep as 24 inches (60.9cm).

The Studio Rack design significantly reduces noise, while built in fans keep equipment cool at the same time. Constructed from solid steel and incorporating specially engineered sound absorbing material, the Studio Rack reduces noise up to 80%. Ultra quiet, high airflow fans keep equipment cool by exhausting the warm air generated from the equipment inside the Studio Rack and replacing it with cooler room air.

Air filtration is a standard feature of the GizMac XRackPro2 Studio Rack. Incoming room air first passes through the Studio Rack air filters before entering the cabinet and the systems inside. Filtering the incoming air will help reduce maintenance and limit down time of the equipment inside the XRackPro2.

Locking front and rear doors, as well as removable side panels that can be secured, help protect equipment inside the Studio Rack. XRackPro2 front and rear doors can be locked with the included keys if needed. The side panels of the Studio Rack can be easily removed for improved access to equipment, then replaced and secured again for added protection.

Superior strength, carpet safe caster wheels are included on the Studio Rack. The included wheels create a rolling rack to allow portability for transporting equipment locally. The four wheels of the Studio Rack make it easy to relocate if needed and the front locking wheels keep the XRackPro2 in place once at the desired location.

XRackPro2 Studio Rack features a stylish look not found with most equipment racks. The visible exterior panels are covered with a resilient and slightly textured powder coat paint. The tempered glass front door provides a way to view equipment status while providing a great look.

Video and audio suites, home theater, creative departments or any other locations that need to keep sound levels down will benefit from this innovative product.

Freight costs will vary on location.