The Tandberg LTO Autoloader brings you the productivity and security of an automated tape solution required by demanding computing environments. Maximizing the power of LTO ( Linear Tape-Open) technology the Tandberg LTO Autoloader minimizes tape changes and operator errors.

1TB/2TB Capacity Up to 108GB/hr transfer speed Cartridge capacity ( 7 slot magazine) Compact design Optional bar code reader The removable cartridge magazine provides easy handling and allows for exchanging weekly backups in one step. The easy to read LCD readout provides information about the tape drive, media status, robotics, installation and configuration. The Tandberg LTO Autoloader also supports an automatic drive cleaning feature which does not require operator intervention. An optional bar code reader provides an inventory or stored data and automated media tracking making access to stored data fast and simple.

Transfer Rate Native: 54GB/hr Transfer Rate Compressed ( 2:1): 108GB/hr Tape capacity: 10-cartridge capacity ( 7 in a removable magazine, 3 in fixed slots) Cartridge access time Less than 17 seconds Interface: SCSI Ultra-2 LVD/single-ended Rack Height: 4U OS Windows NT, Windows 2000, Solaris, HP-UX, Linus AIX Backup software ARCserve2000, BackupExec, Networker, NetBackup, NetVault, Tivoli (TSM)